• Venz412

    Cartoons Only!

    January 27, 2017 by Venz412

    Hey Guys, My pages are based loosely on Cartoons like Paw Patrol, Care Bears, Etc.... So I played counter strike since. I try to put these Cartoon Characters and their Universe in a one, bloddy war. That Pits Terrorists vs Counter Terrorists as their Subsidaries.

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  • NoCheat

    Important things

    November 10, 2012 by NoCheat

    1. Not rude
    2. Don't add bad quality photos
    3. Ask ADMIN if you don't know something
    4. This wiki have 4 admins:

    • User:NoCheat
    • User:Lemoness
    • User:CallofDuty5
    • User:Captain Pikachu

    5. Create useful blog post
    6. You can create story in your blog post
    7. Always edit/give information to this wiki if you know some thing that isn't implemnted in this wiki

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