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  • Natasha - An elite sniper
  • Choijiyoon - Commander of the 707th Special Mission Battalion
  • Criss - SAS top medic
  • Mei - Chinese government spy and works for Choijiyoon
  • Keith Icahn - Famous Zombie Hunter
  • Gerrard - Ex-SAS general (Gordon Freeman resemblance)
  • Lucia - Commander of the Jaciya Navy Force
  • Enzo - Member of the Jaciya Navy Force and directly under Lucia


  • Jennifer - Used to be an experiment sample
  • Ritsuka - Reborn of Athena
  • Yuri - Bomb expert
  • Erica - Japanese high school student
  • Spade - Zombie terminator
  • David Black - SAS traitor
  • Michaela - Pirate captain
  • Raven - Pirate member

Zombie: The Hero (Origin)Edit

  • Andre - Savior of Humanity
  • Kate - Zombie town survivor
  • Blair - Professional
  • Fernando - Demon exorcist

Metal ArenaEdit

  • Alice

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