De_ChristmasCrash is a bomb defusal Map

Description Edit

Terrorists Edit

Plant the bomb inside the Truck contained the Gifts or Plant the Bomb near Santa's Sleigh

Counter-Terrorists Edit

Prevent the Terrorists to Ruin Christmas

Storyline Edit

Santa's Sleigh makes its way to Adventure Bay but A blizzard hits Santa causes his Sleigh to Crash down. But he has a plan to put up. He left his Sleigh to put some Gifts on the Truck. The Terrorists know where the Truck contained the Gifts and they decide to take it all but Santa called the Paw Patrol and tries to stop the Terrorists to ruin Xmas.

Locations Edit

  1. T and CT Spawn
  2. Sides
  3. Mini Adventure Bay
  4. Forte Canyon
  5. Truck
  6. Sleigh

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