Pistols are good in mid range and located as a secondary weapon.

Types Edit

  • 228 Compact (P228) - (replaced with the P250 in Global Offensive)
  • Desert Eagle (Night Hawk .50c)
  • Dual Berettas (.40 Dual Elites) - Terrorist exclusive (available to both teams in Global Offensive)
  • Five-SeveN (ES Five-seven) - Counter-Terrorist exclusive
  • Glock-18 (9x19mm Sidearm) - Terrorist default pistol (Terrorist exclusive in Global Offensive)
  • K&M .45 Tactical (USP) - Counter-Terrorist default pistol (replaced with the P2000 in Global Offensive)
  • CZ75-Auto - A new automatic pistol *
  • P250 (replaces the P228 from previous games) *
  • P2000 - Counter-Terrorist default (replaces the USP from previous games) *
  • Tec-9 - Terrorist exclusive *
  • USP-S - Counter-Terrorist exclusive (Global Offensive iteration of the USP featured in previous games)
  • R8 Revolver - A slow but extremely powerful handgun. *

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