The Steyr AUG A1 is a usable attached-scope assault rifle in Counter-Strike series, exclusive to Counter-Terrorist.


The Steyr AUG A1 is an Austrian made bullpup assault rifle made in the 1970s. It has high rate of fire and comes with an optical scope, making it effective in long range.


  • High rate of fire
  • Effective in long range (Via scope)
  • Light weight
  • Very accurate when firing via scope
  • High damage


  • Expensive purchase cost
  • Long reload time (3.3 seconds)
  • Easily run dry due to high rate of fire
  • Low rate of fire when firing via scope
  • Purchasable only for Counter-Terrorists



  • Real-life AUG comes in version of assault rifle, submachine gun and light machine gun.

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